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Getting to Know the Disciples

  • Explore the lives of Jesus’s disciples through a unique study using genealogical and historical research methods. The lessons are written for upper elementary and high school students to study independently or in a group. Lower elementary students may also learn from it in a group discussion setting. Each of the 13 chapters includes these four sections:

    • About the disciple
    • The disciple's personality
    • How walking with Jesus changed the disciple
    • What happened to the disciple after the Bible account ends
  • A Note to Parents
    Peter: From Self-Confident to Christ-Confident
    Andrew: Everyone is Welcome to Follow Jesus
    James, the Son of Zebedee: Man of Action
    John: The Beloved Believer
    Philip: The Slow Student
    Nathanael Bartholomew: The Skeptic
    Thomas Didymus: The Pessimist
    Levi Matthew: The Communicator
    James the Son of Alphaeus
    Jude Thaddaeus
    Simon: From Zealous Patriot to Zealous Christian
    Judas Iscariot: Seeking Significance
    Matthias: The Gift
    The Last Supper
    Suggested Activities

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